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     - The Fused Glass Art of Geralyn Thelen

About The Artist - Geralyn Thelen - Fused Glass Artisan

Everyone has a story to tell...

    ...and each of our stories is important...

For some reason, my stories do not come out in words; but when I work with glass...my heart sings & the glass talks to me.

Each piece of glass I create is formed in my heart and is produced with great love.

My designs include two-dimensional pieces, sculptures, and installations, and honor the significance of women's hands in the history of art and design. Examples of recent work appear in the various product galleries on the left navigation bar.

Inquiries regarding work shown, complete studio offerings, or commissioned projects are invited.

Please feel free to contact me using the information at the bottom of the page, or via the Contact Us form.

Thank you, and enjoy!

     - Geralyn Thelen